Saturday, January 29, 2011

new keziah mason. three inch!

keziah mason.
'i am the void of your heart.'
3" cdr.
pulsing, oscillating, growling, and screaming.
a bitter catharsis in squeals and bleeps.
comes with 16 page 4 1/4x5 1/2 " booklet.
hand drawn label art on each disc.
$10 postage paid in the united states, $12 to canada and mexico,$15 everywhere else.
paypal to lokilokust @
checks and money orders to:
s.j. bagley
p.o. box 2842
providence, ri

Friday, December 31, 2010

cover for first keziah mason. 7".

the finalised cover art for keziah mason.'s 'it all began or ended when she disappeared or didn't,' as crated by .sjb.


it's been a while, due to various personal issues...
but we're (mostly) back on track.)
here's what's in the pipeline for 2011, so far.

ritual7.1 keziah mason. 'above and beneath soft stones' seven inch. (quiet and thoughtful, a massive departure from previous work.  ants, clay, and the shadow of tall trees.) due in late march, 2011.

ritual7.2 keziah mason. 'it all began or ended when she disappeared or didn't' seven inch. (in love with michaelangelo antonioni's 'l'avventura,' a mystery sculpted in sound.) due in late june, 2011.

ritual5.1 ‘she can’t love you and can’t be loved, the river continues and drags her hair, gracefully’ (an album based on the folk tale of jenny greenteeth and observances of loss and theft of identity. sculpted with piano, field recordings, human voice, and analogue synths.  cold, warm, and then cold again.)
due at some point 2011 (late fall, most likely.)

ritual12.1 keziah mason. 'anxiety and mourning' twelve inch. (two tracks, one a ritual of anxiety the other a ritual of mourning and a tribute to the fallen.  constructed entirely from analogue synths and sleep deprivation.)
due late fall 2011.

ritual5.2 .hexenjagd. 'interminable. noir. interminable' triple cd box set (collecting everything previously released by .hexenjagd. from harsh eardrum punishing noise to quiet ambient hate, it's all here.) due midwinter, 2011.

ordering details to come as things get closer to release.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

the first heksenhaus release will be the keziah mason. 'it all began or ended when she disappeared or didn't.' 7".
400 on black wax.
100 on white with bonus cdr.
release date and order info forthcoming.

introductory nonsense.

the official blog of heksenhaus- publisher of strange sounds and discomforting text and the sound/art project keziah mason.
stay tuned for further missives.